Monday, August 02, 2010

We're Off (Almost)

I've decided I don't like smart-phones. There's just too much going on. After all, the main function of a phone (at least, the main function of mine) is the making and receiving of phone calls. Yes, I like all the apps and games, but not on my phone. I suppose if I was a lot younger and could see tiny writing and pictures without a magnifying glass, I would feel differently. But it's getting to the point where I can barely make out the caller ID names, so I'm not comfortable using the features of my smart-phone.

Just for fun, I tracked the American Airlines flight we will be taking from Dallas. After seven and a half hours, it was only just off the Newfoundland/Labrador coast. It did say that the plane landed on time, so hopefully ours will do the same. But, if we had left from Miami, we would have been half-way across the Atlantic. It's almost 14h30, tomorrow at this time, we will still be in Dallas.

BTW, if you have a flight you want to track, here is the URL: Flight Tracker Post Options

We stopped at the credit union to get some cash for taxis and such. While we were there, another Smart pulled in next to us. The exact same colors. I thought I was seeing double. We are starting to see more and more of them.

Here's a part of the "war" in Iraq that you'll never see on the six o'clock news. Iraqi Prostitutes - Syria.  
LV tattooed pigs removed from art show in China
Data Leak: Galaxy Rich in Earth-Like Planets. NASA didn't plan it this way, but earlier this month a co-investigator on the Kepler satellite mission in the hunt for other Earth-like planets announced to a conference in Oxford, England, that "planets like our own Earth are out there. Our Milky Way galaxy is rich in this kind of planet." 

Amazon deforestation in dramatic decline, official figures show. The Brazilian environment agency, Ibama, which is responsible for protecting the forests against illegal logging, said the drop was due to the increased use of satellite data to spot the felling of trees and new tactics to deter loggers, including ending their ability to hide under cloud cover. 

Orchids growing on a Palm Tree at our condo.
Canadian cows drink red wine for better flavor. A farmer in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley is feeding her cattle red wine for the last 90 days before slaughter. According to the Vancouver Sun, Janice Ravndahl of Sezmu Meats stumbled on the idea while watching chef Gordon Ramsey feed beer to pigs on his show, The F Word. Because she thought her Angus would get bloated from the carbonation in beer, she started feeding her cows a liter of local red wine a day, sometimes mixed in with their food, sometimes straight. 

This is so cool. AMAZING Liebherr Excavator Climbs To The Top.

The Science of Global Warming in Perspective. "Ice ages occur every 100,000 years. The next one is scheduled to begin now. Oceans and temperatures rise before the ice ages begin. These are ocean temperatures measured through sea shell isotopes being used as a proxy for global (atmospheric) temperatures. Warm oceans precede ice ages, and warm oceans increase precipitation. So precipitation increases before ice ages, contrary to some claims."

Scientists Produce First Cloned Fighting Bull.

If you think you can believe everything you see or hear, you might like to see this video. 

« Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve, une réalité. » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    Make life a dream, then make the dream a reality
À la prochaine, mes amis


Jacob said...

Hi Bob...

Wishing y'all well on your journey...what a wonderful trip...and you couldn't end up in a better city!

Have fun. I'll look forward to seeing some great photos!

Genie said...

Hi Bob, thanks for your dedicated posting on my blog. I hope that you have a wonderful vacation and that the flight is easier than you are anticipating. Are you going to check in with us or just tell us about it later? Bon voyage!

Genie said...

Thanks for the message on my blog -- So glad to hear that you are safely in Frankfurt now! À bientôt!