Monday, March 28, 2011

International SIM

Thought I had found a great deal on an International SIM card online. It was less than most others, we would have been able to call each other with no charge and to make it even better, I could pick it up at our local Best Buy store. So I ordered it and we went to Best Buy on Friday to pick it up. The clerks evidently don't do much "pick up at the store" transactions, and it took quite a while before I got my cards and we could leave. I should have become supicious when I had to call to set up my choice of "plans". It turns out that it isn't an International SIM at all, it's a US mobile company. The rates are pretty good, but it's not what I need. Now, I have to take it back to the store. Maybe tomorrow.

I've "Tweeted" several European mobile companies, including VodafoneT-mobile, and O2 to see if they have anything worth buying. There appears to be a Czech company from which you can get a SIM, but it's really only good in the Czech Republic. I want one that's more universal. I do have some European friends checking around for me also. I may just end up going back to RoamSimple, a Canadian company that I've used before with good results.

Saturday night, Robb took my recipe for Poulet de Framboise, used blueberries instead of raspberries, and made a fantastic dinner.  My dessert was Raspberry Elegance.

Poulet de Framboise:  4 Chicken Breasts (Vegetarians can substitute whatever), 6 Oz Brandy, 18 Oz Raspberry Puree, 6 Oz Lemon Juice, 1 Tbs Nutmeg, 6 Oz White Vinegar, 1 Lg Shallot (chopped), ½ Pint Heavy Cream.  Brown chicken on both sides until about ¾ done. Remove chicken from the pan. And deglaze with brandy. Add the rest of the ingredients and reduce by half. Return chicken to pan and cook until done (I always cook the chicken in the sauce).

While the rest of the world is putting religion where it belongs (in the trash), here in the US of Jesus, we have Pole Dancing for Jesus

By the way, if you click on the pictures, you can see a larger size.

Bad Choice Logo of the Week: OGC

Vers le soir
à ton double destin:
Habiter le cœur du paysage
Et faire signe aux filantes étoiles.

À bientôt, mes amis.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Macy's Air Guitar

Wednesday, we ate at Sage. We had a nice seat near the window. I had the Gratinée (pasta with a great cheese sauce, scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels). Robb had Coquilles St. Jacques en Croute; Fresh scallops served in a puff pastry with a light and creamy fennel sauce. Served with new potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Thursday afternoon, we went to the Galleria. We entered by way of Macy's luggage department. They were having a sale. I bought another four-wheeler, because (1) it's at least fifty percent bigger than the one I bought in Frankfurt, (2) it was fifty percent off and (3) I got another twenty percent off because I applied to renew my Macy's card, which I haven't used in over fifteen years. Robb needed a battery for his watch so we stopped at the Fast-Fix kioske (you can just barely see Robb standing at the counter). It has been there for years and they're very reliable. I even managed to resist thegoodies at the next booth. Then, we took off to find shoelaces, stopping at Williams-Sonoma to check on pots and pans, but didn't find the kind for which I was looking. None of the shoe stores in the Galleria sold shoelaces so, after picking up Robb's watch, we had to drive to the shoe repair place in the Coral Ridge Mall.

Of course, now that I've purchased a new suitcase, we'll have to stop traveling because our fridge is too full of travel magnets. We have no room for more.

Saturday, we spent an hour or so in Dave's apartment across the hall, from where I took this picture of the west side of the complex.. Actually, it's Dr. Dave because he's an independant Doctor of Optometry. Anyway, he had to work and asked us to house sit while the carpetman put carpeting in his second bedroom.

These (there are at least two of them) are so cool. If I was one of those "air guitar" guys, I would definitely buy one. Of course, for the "air guitarists", reality has to once again rear its ugly head; one must actually know the chords to the songs they want to "play".

Apparently, today is my day for finding things in France with strange names. We start with L'Ogasme Glace on Paris Through My Lens by my friend Virginia.

If I had not seen this on a French website, I would not have believed it. There is a small town named after me, just 35 km from Chartres and it's famous cathedral.

How many hundreds of people died before the rest of the world "rushed" to the aid of the Libyan rebels?

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All the pictures were taken with my phone and my shaky hands.

Ju dëshironi të skuqura me këtë?

Deri herën tjetër, miqtë e mi.

Monday, March 14, 2011


We went to GayMart, which is conveniently next door to our Credit Union, to get cards for Geoff's birthday which was on Thursday. We went down to his apartment around 15h00 and gave him the cards and a couple of little presents. We couldn't stay because he had a "friend" coming over, so we arranged to come back later. When we went back later, Billy was there. Billy lives down the hall from Geoff. He lived in Prague for several years, so we get to ask questions of what to expect and what are the best places for this and that. While we were there, I took a picture of a beautiful sunset, which we don't get to see often because we're on the wrong side of the building.

Today's first quiz. How many of you are aware that our solar system is a binary system, meaning there are two stars, not just the one we call the sun?

Today's second quiz. Is climate change a possible result of the earth's magnetic pole reversal?

Gingrich: I Cheated On My Wife Because I Love My Country So Much. I've seen and heard some pretty lame exuses for infidelity, but this has to be Numero Uno.

The thing about religion that pisses me off the most, is that according to the bible, we get screwed out of paradise because some bitch ate an apple.

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Jy wil skyfies met wat?

Tot volgende keer, my vriende.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Condo Drama

Another slow week. I don't mind them because I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, but it drives Robb up a wall. He always wants to be out doing something. Most days, he'll go for a walk through the neighborhood. I've tried to accompany him from time to time, but I find it's difficult for me to walk more than a couple of blocks in this Florida weather. I don't have as much trouble in Europe, as you should know if you've read this journal for any length of time.

Our phones are acting crazy. When we turn them on, they both indicate "No SIM card in phone". It doesn't seem to be a problem with my phone, but Robb cannot receive calls and everything goes straight to voice mail. I'm not sure what the problem might be. I called AT&T and although they very nice, they had no idea what the problem might be either.

We're having a little drama here at the condo. A few years ago, the president of the Board of Directors, was ripping us off like crazy. Things like; we would need a service and he would set up a company and hire himself to do the work for more than a regular company would charge. It took a while for us to catch on because no one really paid attention as long as the problems were handled. But then we noticed that everything was costing more and more. We finally got rid of him and his three croney board members who voted for whatever he proposed. Now, he is trying to get back onto the board. The poor fool doesn't realize that we have all this information that could effectively cost him his job with American Airlines and/or send him to jail if we decided to press charges.

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Prejete si hranolky s tím?

Uvidíme se príšte, prátelé.