Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paris 2010-4

15 Octobre (Vendredi) - No sun and colder.  Strike Day Four.

The repairman showed up around noon.  A really nice guy with little English.  Evidently, it was the socks falling out of the open door that was keeping it from spinning back to the top.  The repair guy used a wire coat hanger to remove the socks and once he had the last one out, the door swung to the top.  One problem down, one to go.  The latch on the main door is missing a spring and they need to replace the whole door.  He'll be back around 16h00 or 17h00 to do that.

In the meantime, we walked down to FNAC (which the French pronounce Fuh-nack, as do I) to get our tickets to the Monet show.  So all we have to do now, is get ourselves there by 19h00 on Samedi (Saturday).  Robb bought another headset with microphone. because his isn't working so good after he dropped it the other day.  After we left FNAC, I noticed they had placed Christmas lights on the trees.  I wonder when they turn them on.

The repair guy came back around 16h30.  He was finished in less than five minutes.  I tossed in my socks and had no problem.

Dinner at Chez Gabrielle just up the street, another nine table place.  I had the Piccata de Veau (slices of veal) in a creamy pepper sauce with grapes.  Robb had Saint-Jacques (it was supposed to be a flambé, but wasn't).  Both were excellent.  We drank Sancerre blanc (white).  For dessert, Robb had the Peche aux Rhum et Créme Brulée (Peach half with rum sauce and Créme Brulée) and I had Framboise avec Créme de Fraise (raspberries with strawberry flavored whipped cream).

16 Octobre (Samedi) - Strike Day Five.

Caught the 43 Bus to Trinité, which is only a couple blocks behind Galleries Lafayette.  Checked to find the return bus stop, but the street was all torn up, so there was no way because the bus would have to detour for a few blocks.  That, of course, meant that we would have to take a taxi.   Walked down to, and through, Galeries Lafayette to Printemps, with a brief stop at H&M.  All the stores were very crowded.  We found nothing we wanted to buy, so walked back to Galeries Lafayette and got a taxi home.  On the bus, and in the taxi, saw restaurant Del Papa, which was recommended by a French friend.  Hope to try it one evening.

Around a quarter after six, we walked down past this school and these penguins, then got on the 93 Bus to the Grand Palais.  On the way to see this, we stopped to look at the sky, which was a lot prettier in real life than this picture.  Even though we were early (our tickets were for 19h00) we had no problem and walked right in.  The exhibit was huge and crowded.  I had no idea Monet was so prolific and I have to say, I much preferred the stuff he did before his impressionistic days.  It was kind of surreal to see right in front of us, paintings that we had only seen in pictures.  All of his most famous paintings were there, except the most famous, Impression, Soleil Levant.  But it was definitely worth the visit.  On the way out, we filled out a questionnaire and were given a key ring for our effort.

After the exhibit, we trekked down the steps to the Clemenceau métro station and rode to the St. Paul station from which we walked to Fontaine Sully for dinner.  It was good as usual.  The restaurant was also crowded again.  There seems to be crowds everywhere.  We've never seen Paris like this.

17 Octobre (Dimanche) - And the strike-to-accomplish-nothing continues.

No hint of sunshine and very cold.  Robb is not feeling well (he doesn't think he has a cold, but his nose is running and he feels out-of-sorts).  I had a terrible night of leg cramps and got very little sleep.

We walked to Pharmacie 24.  Talk about misleading names.  It's closed on Sunday.  It's too cold to do much of anything, and because it's Sunday, most everything is closed.

The guy across the street has his window open.  Somewhere in our building, someone is practicing piano.  When he/she plays a piece (he/she usually plays classical pieces), he/she is very good.  I guess "practice does make perfect".

Oh, by the way, did I mention the guy above us is renovating his apartment? Le sigh!

You can see all the Paris pictures here: Paris 2010

À la prochaine, mes amis.


Virginia said...

Well I see you are into the swing of things! The Monet exhibit sounds wonderful. I am wondering if any of the paintings are from the Marmatton Monet? Last summer Peter and I went to that museum. What a treat that was. I actually liked the paintings that he did when his eyesight was really failing. Almost abstract and with a great deal of color. If you haven't been to see it, you might enjoy. Over maybe you have Monet overload by now. I really should be writing down all the restaurants you recommend. Maybe you have a list that you'll share??

Have fun. Wish I was there!

Jacob said...

I certainly enjoy your travelogue! So many adventures - good and bad! I keep noting names and places in case we ever get a chance to go back. Would have loved to have seen that Monet exhibit!

And you're absolutely right on about Louis XIV!

Stay well - both of you!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Great account of your travels in Paris and I also want a yes/no list of restaurants when you are finished.


Megan said...

they have started putting up Christmas lights in Aix-en-Provence as well.
And be glad that you don't have a trash strike like we do here in Marseille...