Monday, January 24, 2011

Phone Email

Well, we've done it. We're booked in Paris, Madrid and Prague. I'm so excited because Prague is beautiful and we've never been there. Now, we just have to make the airline reservations and we're good to go. We're hoping to use Air France, but we're not sure they go to all those cities.

Since I first wrote the preceeding information, we contacted the same tour company we used last time.  They've arranged all the flights and we only have to get up early once; from Prague back to the US.

I emailed PayPal today because I called to check on a refund and I got the dumbest clerk in the history of clerks. She could not understand that I wanted to know if the refund had been made. She kept reading my charges instead. I finally got tired of dealing with her and asked to speak to her supervisor. She didn't hang up on me, but she did put me on hold. After ten minutes, I hung up, called back and spoke to a woman who answered my question the first time I asked. As I am wont to do when I get pissed at a person or a company, I fired off an email (god, I LOVE email) in which I told them the whole story and mentioning the name of the good agent (I couldn't remember the name of the stupid one). They replied and it must have been a real reply because they mentioned the woman's name. I don't think much will change but it makes me feel so good to be able to send emails in these situations.

They say your hearing goes first. Tonight at dinner, Robb said, "The asparagus is chewy." I replied, "Well, of course, it's chilly with all that cold sauce you just put on it." I've been doing that more and more lately.

BTW: the picture of the 'art in unlikely places' was taken with my phone camera. I love knowing that I'll have a great camera with me no matter where I go. I cannot begin to count the number of times I regretted not having a camera with me.

I have spent most of the past week trying to upgrade my phone from Android 1.6 to the newer 2.1. After many, many attempts and failures, I'm happy to report that I've finally succeeded. However, if you're on my Gmail list, don't be surprised if you get some kind of totally strange email. I'm not sure why but apparently, it's because my online Gmail is synched with my phone.

Dumb, dumber and dumbest: Burglars snort ashes of a man and two dogs after they mistook them for cocaine

À la prochaine, mes amis


Megan said...

another trip to Europe? My my, quite the world travelers. Why not just buy a small studio in Paris and spend half your time in France?I have found that when I am having trouble with customer service on the phone and get transfered to someone else, the connection is surprisingly ended, and I have to call back and go through the entire menu and wait time. Hmm.

Jacob said...

Boy, you weren't kidding about going to Paris after seeing the "food" picture on Paree!

I'm so jealous! Nah. We'll get back there eventually, unless I'm too old to travel!

You didn't say when you were leaving but I'd assume it's in the near future. Prague and Madrid sound wonderful, too.

Re memory loss...I was going to say something profound, but I forgot.

And deafness: I finally broke down and bought hearing aids a couple of years ago. I never knew the world was so damn noisy! Get the kind with the little thingy that goes in the ear and has a wire going back to the amplifier behind your ear...very easy to wear and hardly anyone notices you're wearing them.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I guess you are still traveling...hope you are enjoying it. I always love Paris even when it is cold and has a degree of melancholy when it is like that...but it never fails to impress me.


tapirgal said...

Hey, congratulations! It's always such a high to know your'e going to these places! I've also not been to Prague, and I'm sure it's fantastic.