Monday, June 11, 2012

Video Advertising

I'm sure I've mentioned here several times that I don't watch TV because of all the commercials, and because my hearing isn't so good and I need to turn the sound too high. Two channels I do watch are MSNBC and CNN because, although it's possible to find them online, they're usually just segments and not the full show. I watch everything else on my PC at either Project Free TV, or TV Links. My PC has a 22-inch screen which is a nice size for watching shows and movies. But one day it hit me....why don't I just hook up my laptop to the TV and watch that way? It's not involved and only requires an HDMI cable. So that's what I've been doing for the past week or so. The other night, we again watched "Midnight In Paris", the fantastic Woody Allen movie with probably the best shots of Paris I've ever seen in a movie.

I want to thank the people of Wisconsin for once again proving me correct when I wrote: There cannot possibly be a dumber animal on the face of the earth than a Republican!

Someone seriously needs to do something about the amount of commercials appearing in videos on the internet. If you confront the maker of the video, they deny it's their doing. If you confront Google or You Tube (one and the same) they claim it's the person who made the video. Whoever it is NEEDS to STOP NOW!!!!!

Saturday was an eventful day for us. First, the brand new A/C decided to go south around 20h00. Thankfully, it was relatively cool, so with the ceiling fans going, we slept okay. I called the A/C guy first thing on Sunday. Then, I was channel surfing and I came across a Haitian channel broadcasting in French (channel 578) which was showing a concert by one of our favorite French singers, Francis Cabrel. Sadly, we only got to see him perform two songs, but that was more than we ever expected to see in South Florida.

Bob, the A/C guy called first thing Monday morning and showed up around noon.  The problem turned out to be a plug that automatically turns off the air conditioner when the water backs up, thus preventing your place from being flooded.  He showed us how to take care of it ourselves and didn't charge us for the visit.

Dumb Law of the Week: In California, it is illegal to use underwear as rags!

À la prochaine, mes amis.

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Peter Olson said...

How are your Europe plans going?

Yes, there were some nice views from Paris in the "Midnight in Paris", but somehow I didn't like the film, mainly because of the choice of actors. I'm rather a fan of Woody Allen, but his last "tourist" films on Barcelona ("saved" thanks to the couple Cruz / Bardem participation) and Paris are not among my favourites.