Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The population of the United States is roughly 312 million. Of that number, approximately 200 million are eligible to vote. Barely more than 100 million voted in this election. That means that only about a half of the eligible population voted. Half of them voted for a man who is a chronic liar, who would say or do anything he thought necessary to get a vote, and with absolutely no moral or ethical sensibility whatsoever! That's who they wanted to be President of the United States! And people wonder what's wrong with this country!

Dumb Law of the Week: In Pennsylvania, "Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes."

À la prochaine, mes amis.

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Megan said...

Yeah, I'm sure motorists follow that law. The carriage is probably lucky to even get the car to pull over.