Monday, February 18, 2013

Construction Area

For the past two weeks or so, our neighbor Dave (across the hall) has been having work done on his kitchen.  Unless you lived here, you would not believe how noise travels through this building.  Even work being done on another floor (we live on the top floor) sounds like it is in our apartment.  And it seems like there is always something being drilled, hammered or sawed.  It's a lot like living in a construction area.  But why do they always have to make the most noise first thing in the morning?  When he first told us he was having it done, he said he was replacing the counter tops (ceramic tile) with granite, but apparently he had a lot more done.  It shouldn't take two weeks to replace a counter top.  He invited us over to see his "new" kitchen the other night.  The contractors did a really good job.  The granite is kind of a bronze color.  And he has a new back splash which looks like metal bricks which looks really nice when the under-counter lights are on. Very pretty.  Hopefully, no one else will start a project for a while and we can actually get some sleep in the morning.

It has been quite chilly here for the past few weeks. I don't like it.

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À la prochaine, mes amis


Megan said...

I think we drove our neighbors crazy without our renovations. For about two years, every weekend. The worst was removing the old tile from the bathroom walls. Had to take a sledgehammer to those. But even afterwards, drills, hammer, saws, sanders..

Peter Olson said...

Peter, Paul and Mary.... I used to be a fan!

beatrice De said...

My youth !