Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Florida Snow

Okay, it's not really snowing in South Florida, although it has been known to happen in the past, and it is cold enough to happen now.

In CDG, because we were on a flight to the US, we had to go through two security checks. The first one was the normal one where you take anything that might set off the buzzer and put it in a tray which is sent through the scanner. The second one was an actual "hands on" pat down. I had my inhaler in my jacket pocket and had to take it out to show the "patter". Then I had to take out my wallet. Can you guess what he was patting?

When we got back home, I was delighted to see that the two bottles of wine (there's only one left), and the three bags of coffee I had packed in my luggage had made it with no mishaps.

After returning from the coldest winter they've had in France for many, many years, we were confronted with the coldest winter we've had in Florida for many, many years. Tell me again about how the earth is getting hotter because of "global warming".

When we got into the airport, after picking up our bags, Robb went to the Air France check-in counter to see if anyone had turned in his man-bag. He was told that anything they find at the check-in counters is taken to the airport Lost and Found. Geoff was already there waiting for us, so we'll come back down to check out the Lost and Found. We were surprised to find that Miami Airport has stopped charging for the use of luggage carts, so we no longer use them for free in Europe and pay to use them here. Kudos to Miami International Airport for opening their eyes.

I've changed my mind about the make-up of Tartiflette. It's more like potatoes au gratin with sausage, then cassoulet. Whatever one calls it, it is delicious.

Also, during this visit, I discovered two things I like that I thought I didn't; yogurt and chestnuts. At least, the yogurt with fruit. My previous objection to yogurt was the consistency; or what I perceived to be the consistency. When I actually tried it, at Robb's coaxing, I found it was not what I was expecting.

We drove down to the Miami Airport, which turned out to be an adventure in itself, since we got totally lost because we missed our turn off. But it was really fun. We made it to the Lost and Found department but they didn't have Robb's bag, or my glasses which I managed to lose after putting them in my jacket pocket on the plane. Luckily, I still have the old ones.

Here is the video I took at Hôtel de Ville. The only skaters are the guys cleaning the ice, but there's a good look at the Zamboni.

Climate change: the true price of the warmists' folly is becoming clear

À la prochaine, mes amis


HereBeDragons said...

I had a friend who stopped over in Miami last weekend on his way to Delaware to "warm up" before he moved to the northeast. That didn't work out too well for him. ;-)

Megan said...

Ever had Tartiflette pizza? Basically cream, potatoes, lardons, onions, cheese on a pizza crust. Delicious.

Leesa said...

Cold enough for you, then? It warmed up to 4/5 C today and the snow melted.. YAY!!!
I like the video... LOVED the show!!!

Glad you, Robb, and everything else made it back okay... Have a warmer winter!!

Peter said...

Im' sorry to say that the warmer - normal - weather is back here in Paris, just a little too late for you! But the ice rink is still frozen of course! :-)

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

It is strange - when people blame global warming for the increase in our temperatures and hotter summers, it surprises me that on the other side of the world, peopl are experiencing colder winters. Yet our winters are much much milder than when I was a child.
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