Monday, February 28, 2011

Electronic Skin

After years of putting up with our loose kitchen faucet, we finally replaced it. I liked the old Delta faucet until the paint started chipping off and it became looser and looser. Then it had to be manipulated into the exact spot where it would turn all the way off. I was worried the new one might look a little out of place since it's chrome, but the new Moen doesn't look that bad at all. Even the water flow is somewhat better and stronger.

Friday night, we had dinner at Candela, just outside the complex. We were very surprised to find that we were the only diners. It's not unusual for a restaurant to have fewer people one night on the weekend, but no one? So, in our private dining room, we started with octopus, which we didn't like. Robb loved the octopus in Spain and I liked it, but this was different. They were tiny little, whole octopuses. I couldn't bring myself to eat the head, and the legs were very rubbery. For our main course, Robb had pork loin in a Roquefort and fig sauce and I had Chicken Morocco with olives, dates and raisins. Those were both really good. Neither of us felt we could handle dessert and finished with an espresso. Then, as we were leaving, we stopped to chat with Armando, the owner and chef. He told us he was already booked for Saturday night.

Saturday night, we went back to Candela. It was crowded; almost full to capacity. Fortunately, there was a table for us. We sat opposite a group of obvious dykes celebrating a birthday. They were very noisy. We started with the Mediterranean Olives. Then, we both had the Seafood dish; cod, scallops, clams and mussels in a fantastic sauce. We shared the dessert; Tiramisu. After eating, we were entertained by Armando's daughter, Valentina. She's six and as cute as a kid can be.

This is my new favorite ice cream.  And yes, I usually eat the whole half gallon.

Electronic skin made out of stretchable solar cells.

Bad Choice Logo Of The Week: Leadership

Wollen Sie Pommes dazu?

Bis zum nächsten Mal, meine Freunde.


Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Hi Bob...don't know why humans like to give animals human's a conundrum. I mean, humans are animals. Right? And not such very good ones sometimes!

Hope all is well. Enjoyed your piece on dining out. Lois Anne, being a vegetarian, probably would rather read your travelogues! :-))

Megan said...

mmm, that sounds good the pork with roquefort and fig sauce.