Monday, March 07, 2011

Condo Drama

Another slow week. I don't mind them because I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, but it drives Robb up a wall. He always wants to be out doing something. Most days, he'll go for a walk through the neighborhood. I've tried to accompany him from time to time, but I find it's difficult for me to walk more than a couple of blocks in this Florida weather. I don't have as much trouble in Europe, as you should know if you've read this journal for any length of time.

Our phones are acting crazy. When we turn them on, they both indicate "No SIM card in phone". It doesn't seem to be a problem with my phone, but Robb cannot receive calls and everything goes straight to voice mail. I'm not sure what the problem might be. I called AT&T and although they very nice, they had no idea what the problem might be either.

We're having a little drama here at the condo. A few years ago, the president of the Board of Directors, was ripping us off like crazy. Things like; we would need a service and he would set up a company and hire himself to do the work for more than a regular company would charge. It took a while for us to catch on because no one really paid attention as long as the problems were handled. But then we noticed that everything was costing more and more. We finally got rid of him and his three croney board members who voted for whatever he proposed. Now, he is trying to get back onto the board. The poor fool doesn't realize that we have all this information that could effectively cost him his job with American Airlines and/or send him to jail if we decided to press charges.

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Megan said...

ah yes> condo fees. never fun.

And how is kids exchange any better? wonder exactly what they do there<