Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Feeling So Good Myself

Was having trouble breathing for the past few days and finally forced myself to go to the Emergency Room last night. I was going to have Robb drive me, but then realized I didn't even have enough energy to get to the car, so we called 911. A funny thing happened when they came in to get me. The said they couldn't get the gurney into the apartment and could I walk? I thought they meant for me to walk downstairs, so I replied that I couldn't. Then they suggested I could sit in my office chair and be wheeled out. Seemed like a plan to me, but I had this vision of me being wheeled all the way downstairs. They, of course, only took me as far as the door where I got onto the gurney. As soon as they put the oxygen on me, I was fine. I knew that was all I really needed, but as far as I know, there is no place you can call and ask them send oxygen. We were at the hospital for about three hours and then came home. I'm hoping this little incident will convince my insurance company that I really do need an oxygen unit in the apartment, but knowing how insurance companies work, I very much doubt it.

So let's say there was a "Big Bang". What was it that went "bang?" Why did it go "bang"? Where did it come from? What was it doing before it went "bang"? If one "thing" went "bang", could something else go "bang" some day?

Anyone wonder where Sam and Dean on Supernatural get the money for the uniforms, disguises, badges, credit cards, motel rooms, food. etc, etc????

Hundreds of police officers in riot gear raided the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York City in the pre-dawn darkness Tuesday, evicted hundreds of demonstrators and demolished the tent city that was the epicenter of a movement protesting what participants call corporate greed and economic inequality.
Isn't it great to live in a FREE COUNTRY?!?!?! Oh wait, this isn't France where people are FREE to PROTEST!!!!!

Dumb Law of the Week: In Michigan, a woman's hair is property of her husband!

À la prochaine, mes amis.


Peter said...

As ausual a lot of amusing news, except of course the first and most important one! Hope you are fine now! :-)

About the "bang" I'am also looking for a definite answer!

Megan said...

Hope you are feeling better. And I love Supernatural! Especially Dean. Who cares how they get the money? Maybe women throw it at them when they walk past.