Monday, February 27, 2012

Good and Bad

The blistering phase of the shingles seems to have passed. Now, there is just pain (not that bad), itching and numbness. I've used the recommended hydrocortisone to control the itching, but it has almost no affect. It's worse at night for some reason. The part of this that I really don't understand is the numbness. Nearly a full quarter of my head is numb, starting just below my right eyebrow and extending to just behind my right ear. WTF?!? So I looked up shingles and numbness and it seems to be one of the affects of the disease (is it a disease?). Kind of a relief because I was worried it might be something in addition to the shingles stuff.

Several weeks ago, our friend Geoff was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor warned that if it had spread to the bone, it would not be good news. They did a biopsy and made him wait two weeks for the results. Needless to say, he was dreading the worst. It turned out that it had not spread to the bone and there is a general feeling of hopefulness that it can be removed and he will make a full recovery. The bad news is that he has to wait until April for the operation.

I've watched eight episodes with the new Dr. WHO.  I'm sure Matt Smith is a capable actor, but he is NOT Dr. WHO.

No more 'miss' in France  Okay, I know the French have done, and will do. some strange things, but this has to be right at the top of the list. If you've ever been to France, you know most unmarried women are quite emphatic about pointing out that they are 'mademoiselle' and not 'madame'. So who exactly composes these 'womens groups'? And what about all the fuss of keeping the French language intact?

Dumb Law of the Week: In Vermont, it is illegal to whistle under water!

À la prochaine, mes amis


Peter Olson said...

Well, too bad this shingle thing, but obviously it's on the right way. What can I say more than that just hope that you will get rid of it all soonest!

... and in the meantime, obviously you continue with your particular news-casting!

... and with the dumb laws! This one is really dumb!! :-)

Virginia said...

OH shingles, What a horrible thing to deal with. I see from your comments on my blog that hopefully you are feeling better. I do hope so.

Virginia said...

I have tried 4 times to get my comment posted. If you eliminate the Anonymous you will not longer have spammers. I did away with it weeks ago and have had not spam !

Starman said...

I'm sorry about your comment experience. I have my comments set to "Anyone" because I don't think I've ever had a spammer.