Monday, May 28, 2012

Eurovision Trip

 Robb and I watched the live Grand Finals of the European Song Contest  which is held every year around this time.  Every European country (and Isreal for some reason) has an entry.  Most of them are nothing outstanding, but a few are truly unique.  This year, I selected Russia , Sweden and Albania as my choices for the top prize.  The actual winners were Sweden, Russia and Serbia.  Because Sweden won this year, next year's competition will be held in Stockhom.  The one outstanding thing, in my opinion, is that the French singer sang in English as well as French, and the French presenter spoke English.  I can't remember that ever happening before.  Maybe it's the new President.  If you've never seen the competition, I do recommend you watch at least once.  You can see it live at the website listed above. You can also see this (and previous) year's performances there and on You Tube.

Our trip is falling apart because of the inability of Robb's French bank (BNP Paribas) to realize this is 2012 not 1912, and a check that seems to have gotten lost in the mail somewhere between Fort Lauderdale and Paris.  The bank insists Robb send everything through snail mail.  It has already cost us the aprtment in Montpellier.

Dumb Law of the Week: In Florida, it is illegal to immitate animals!

À la prochaine, mes amis


Peter Olson said...

I guess you would have preferred the European trip to the European song contest! Have you really cancelled? This BNP story sounds really too much! I have a feeling you don't get any service from banks anymore; you must handle it all by yourself on the net.

Lowell said...

So sorry to hear of your banking problems. That's crazy. I wonder if you aren't being taken advantage of because "they" assume you can't do anything about it?

Re your comment on Triqui: Triqui Paint is an "action" for Photoshop, although I believe Triqui is a real person who developed the action.

Re the dumb Florida law: Someone should arrest our governor for imitating a human. Can't think of a dumber animal or dumber governor!

Lowell said...

I won several times in the Hollywood Song Contest - but that was years ago!

Re your comment on Paree: That's my Lois Anne, and I screening her lest someone steal her identity! :-)

Nadege said...

Banks suck big time. I am still with Chase but I know many people in my industry who switched to a credit union. Most of my money is my ING account.

I used to watch "Eurovision" when I was a little girl. It was wonderful. I am not sure if there is much fun watching anything anymore. Too many shows disguised as "infomercials". I guess I lost my "innocence". But I can read to the point that my housework is taking a back seat.