Monday, May 14, 2012

Smartphone Trip

I have two smartphones. A Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which I got from AT&T for $.01 (one penny), and an HTC Clone, which I bought from a Chinese company named Alibaba. The SE Xperia is a great phone and takes really good pictures as well (after all,, it is a Sony product). But when I saw the HTC with it's large screen (4.3 inches) and it's newer OS (Android 2.2), I couldn't resist. The real deal clincher is the fact that it has dual SIM card slots, so when we're in Europe, I just insert my European SIM in one of the slots and I'm good to go. It, too, takes great pictures and the camera is 8.1mp, as is the Xperia. Everything was fine until the SD card in the HTC decided to go south. Tuesday, I took it to a place that allegedly repairs cell phones. The guy there told me that it wasn't working because it was supposed to be a Windows phone and the OS was changed. Now, I'm not a rocket scientist, but that just didn't make sense. If it wasn't going to work because the OS was changed, it wouldn't have worked for all those months before it went south. Long story short, I brought it home and fixed it myself and probably saved about fifty dollars by so doing.

We are planning a trip to Europe. We'll fly to Aeroport Charles de Gaulle, ride to Paris where, after a couple of weeks, we will board a train at Gare de Lyon to Montpellier, in the south of France. After Montpellier, we'll take another train to Bordeaux, followed by a trip to Madrid and then home. The purpose of this trip is to look into the possibility of buying a place in France. Places are a lot less expensive in southern France, or even just outside of Paris, so we'll probably find something we like and hope we can afford. We're still debating the itineary. It may only be to Montpellier and Bordeaux.

Remember what I wrote about there being no dumber animal than a Republican? Check out this headline: "Self-loathing gay republican groups attack Obama for supporting their rights" I rest my case.

Friday night we went to Scandals for some sight seeing and a drink. It was crowded, but it was Friday night and they're open till 03h00. I ordered two Bear Claw drinks because neither of us knew what they might be. They were slushies with rum. Robb recognized it immediately, but I had no idea. I don't usually like rum,, but these were pretty good. We saw a couple people from the condo, but most of them were strangers. One guy came over and started talking to us, then invited himself to sit at our table. According to him, he's deaf but he reads lips. If that's true, he does so really good.

In India, an air-powered car. I saw this several years ago. 

Dumb Law of the Week: In In Columbus, Ohio, it is illegal to sell cornflakes on Sunday!

À la prochaine, mes amis


Megan said...

good luck finding a place to buy. Where are you thinking, city or country? And mainly for your own use or to rent out?
Re the toothpaste uses: I knew about 2 and 5, and will be putting to use 6 and 8!

Peter Olson said...

For Rachmaninov you need big hands (like he had); I wonder how this young boy manages? Very gifted!

Hope to see you on your way to the south!

I spent three months in Columbus in 1965. Did I have cornflakes? Anyhow, never paid any fine! :-)