Monday, March 11, 2013

Bradley Manning

I started a petition to the President of the United States (or POTUS as the Twitterverse has taken to calling him {and it's FLOTUS for the First Lady}) asking for a full pardon for PFC Bradley Manning. You can find it here: You do not have to be a citizen of the US to sign it. I assume that no matter where you live, you are familiar with this case. If not, just google Bradley Manning. This cause has taken on an international tone. People from just about every part of the globe are joining in requesting that he be pardoned. On top of all that, he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! I sincerely hope he gets it.

Dinner this week at Thai Spice.  We started with Mee Krob which I love.  Our main course was Siam Duck.  There was so much, neither of us could finish it.  So we had another meal with it a few days later.



Dumb Law of the Week: In Michigan, a State law stipulates that a woman's hair legally belongs to her husband.

À la prochaine, mes amis.


Megan said...

Hi. I have a question- what do you do for money when traveling in Europe? My parents are going to the Netherlands in May, and I would like to send them some money in Euros for their expenses, but can't seem to find a good solution besides Western Union. They don't have a bank account in Europe. Do you happen to know if Bank Checks from one country can be cashed in another country of the Euro Zone? Thanks.

beatrice De said...

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