Sunday, September 15, 2013


It has been a while (well, a couple of weeks). I suffered a collapsed lung and, after stupidly waiting for five days, finally called 911 and had myself taken to Holy Cross Hospital. In the ER, they did the usual work-up with X-Rays and blood tests, and they gave me a couple of breathing treatments. It all seemed to help a bit. The ER doctor decided I was fine and was going to send me home, but I didn't feel right about that decision so I told them I wanted to stay over night. That was a good move on my part because when my PCP came in the next morning, he told me that the X-Rays showed the collapsed lung. No one seems to know how it happened, but it was real, why the ER doctor could not see that remains a mystery. I hate being in the hospital; they won't let you sleep, you can't get any rest and it's colder than the damned North Pole. I am home now, but I don't feel any better and suspect that I will be returning to the hospital very soon!

Dumb Law of the Week:  In Rhode Island: It is illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley.

À la prochaine, mes amis.

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