Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paris 2008 - 19 Mai

19 Mai - It was borderline freezing today. But we went out anyway.

A few days ago, on our way to the tea house, I saw a suitcase at a little store. I thought about buying it because of a few reasons; I wanted it, I could afford it, it would certainly stand out in the luggage racks (it's orange) and it appears we're going to need another piece of luggage to get all the stuff we're buying back home.

So today we went back to get it. Of course, it was gone and the guy had no more.

Then we tried Tati. They had a bunch of nice suitcases, but nothing like the one I wanted. After Tati, we walked down to another little store I know on Avenue d'Italie. They had one I might have bought if they had had the size I wanted, but it was a no go.

So we hopped on the bus back to the apartment, but when we got to the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, we decided we had passed by it long enough, it was time to go in. So I pushed open the door to enter and was greeted by a young girl who informed me the the museum was "fermer". It wasn't a total loss though because while wandering around the grounds, I saw this guy and then got a shot of some interesting detail on the side of the building.

On the way home on the bus, I got this shot of one of the columns holding up the metro tracks that ran alongside the street. I think there were eight of them in all.

Yesterday, Robb did some light laundry. This is how it is dried since there is no drier. When we were looking for an apartment, one of the critereria of our search was laundry equipment in the apartment. Well, there is a washer in this place but about the only thing it will hold is a few pairs of socks or maybe a couple T-shirts. Ha ha, the joke's on us. I took a picture of the washer with my coffee cup on top for scale.

It's almost 01h00 and it feels a bit warmer. The temp tomorrow (today) should be near 19C which is around 62F. Not hot, but not really cold.

Plus à venir, mes amis.

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