Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Paris 2008 - IV

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
5 Mai - I spent most of the day in bed because I somehow managed to get a cold. The thing is when I get a cold, it isn't just "a cold", it always goes straight to my lungs and becomes a respiratory infection. Robb tried to get me some antibiotics, but you need a prescription for that.

We watched an interesting quiz show the other night. The only subject of the show was history; it was all about Napoléon, his army and those connected with him. That was interesting enough, but the venue for the show was unbelievable. The taped the show in Les Invalides, which contains the tomb of Napoléon. The audience sat on one side of the rotunda while the show participants were on the other side. I find that incredible. Can you imagine a quiz show being taped at the Lincoln Memorial?

Since some people expressed pleasure at seeing rooftops (Wil), here is another, taken in the center of the previous two:

6 Mai - The weather has turned absoloutely beautiful and we both want to be out doing things, but this stupid "cold" has me feeling so weak that I'm kind of afraid to do too much for fear of wearing myself to a frazzle. But today we decided to walk up to the area of the Philippe Auguste métro because Robb had gone to a pharmacie there and he seemed to think the guy would sell me antibiotics. I doubt that, but it was worth a shot. The pharmacie was closed, so we decided to walk down to the one by the Père Lachaise métro station. We found an open pharmacie and I told the guy my situation. I was hoping he would give me an antibiotic, but instead he recommended an expectorant. The funny thing was that I spoke to him in French (he said it was excellent), but when he started talking to me, I had no clue. Luckily, he spoke English. So it was a strange conversation with the American speaking French and the Frenchman speaking English.

We left the pharmacie and stopped at a vegetable stand next door to get some tomatoes.

We also stopped at the Franprix for bread. I waited outside because it's rather cold in there. I was hoping Robb would get a baguette, but he only got regular bread.

It's still a bit chilly at night, so we'll have dinner in the apartment; boeuf bourguignon and salad. Avec le vin, bien sur.

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Megan said...

Hope you feel better! That really sucks. In January I got a cold that morphed into the flu after two weeks; That was fun. Enjoy paris! Actually, four years ago is when I first came to France and about this time we were in Paris. Actually, we got engaged today four years ago now that I think about it. :)