Monday, March 28, 2011

International SIM

Thought I had found a great deal on an International SIM card online. It was less than most others, we would have been able to call each other with no charge and to make it even better, I could pick it up at our local Best Buy store. So I ordered it and we went to Best Buy on Friday to pick it up. The clerks evidently don't do much "pick up at the store" transactions, and it took quite a while before I got my cards and we could leave. I should have become supicious when I had to call to set up my choice of "plans". It turns out that it isn't an International SIM at all, it's a US mobile company. The rates are pretty good, but it's not what I need. Now, I have to take it back to the store. Maybe tomorrow.

I've "Tweeted" several European mobile companies, including VodafoneT-mobile, and O2 to see if they have anything worth buying. There appears to be a Czech company from which you can get a SIM, but it's really only good in the Czech Republic. I want one that's more universal. I do have some European friends checking around for me also. I may just end up going back to RoamSimple, a Canadian company that I've used before with good results.

Saturday night, Robb took my recipe for Poulet de Framboise, used blueberries instead of raspberries, and made a fantastic dinner.  My dessert was Raspberry Elegance.

Poulet de Framboise:  4 Chicken Breasts (Vegetarians can substitute whatever), 6 Oz Brandy, 18 Oz Raspberry Puree, 6 Oz Lemon Juice, 1 Tbs Nutmeg, 6 Oz White Vinegar, 1 Lg Shallot (chopped), ½ Pint Heavy Cream.  Brown chicken on both sides until about ¾ done. Remove chicken from the pan. And deglaze with brandy. Add the rest of the ingredients and reduce by half. Return chicken to pan and cook until done (I always cook the chicken in the sauce).

While the rest of the world is putting religion where it belongs (in the trash), here in the US of Jesus, we have Pole Dancing for Jesus

By the way, if you click on the pictures, you can see a larger size.

Bad Choice Logo of the Week: OGC

Vers le soir
à ton double destin:
Habiter le cœur du paysage
Et faire signe aux filantes étoiles.

À bientôt, mes amis.


Mike, Studio city said...

I have been a non believer since I was a little boy. I keep it simple.

Peter said...

Tell me if you find the right card, I may also need one!

How do you expect me to follow your recipe; what are all these Oz, Tbs, Lg, Pint measures? :-) This is kilometers away from what I understand! :-)

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

It's a wonderful thing that Jesus, being a legendary figure created by late first-century and early second-century writers, is so versatile. He can become anything you want. I'm sure there are verses somewhere in the Synoptics that could be somehow construed to mean that Jesus, a 1st century Jewish rabbi, loved to watch "Christian" girls pole dance and while doing that decided that Amurica was gonna be a "Christian" country!


Mobile phone companies are criminal outfits with a license to steal!

And yes, it is wonderful to walk almost anywhere in Paris!

Megan said...

I'd be interested in knowing about that too, for the 'rents when they come over.