Monday, March 21, 2011

Macy's Air Guitar

Wednesday, we ate at Sage. We had a nice seat near the window. I had the Gratinée (pasta with a great cheese sauce, scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels). Robb had Coquilles St. Jacques en Croute; Fresh scallops served in a puff pastry with a light and creamy fennel sauce. Served with new potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Thursday afternoon, we went to the Galleria. We entered by way of Macy's luggage department. They were having a sale. I bought another four-wheeler, because (1) it's at least fifty percent bigger than the one I bought in Frankfurt, (2) it was fifty percent off and (3) I got another twenty percent off because I applied to renew my Macy's card, which I haven't used in over fifteen years. Robb needed a battery for his watch so we stopped at the Fast-Fix kioske (you can just barely see Robb standing at the counter). It has been there for years and they're very reliable. I even managed to resist thegoodies at the next booth. Then, we took off to find shoelaces, stopping at Williams-Sonoma to check on pots and pans, but didn't find the kind for which I was looking. None of the shoe stores in the Galleria sold shoelaces so, after picking up Robb's watch, we had to drive to the shoe repair place in the Coral Ridge Mall.

Of course, now that I've purchased a new suitcase, we'll have to stop traveling because our fridge is too full of travel magnets. We have no room for more.

Saturday, we spent an hour or so in Dave's apartment across the hall, from where I took this picture of the west side of the complex.. Actually, it's Dr. Dave because he's an independant Doctor of Optometry. Anyway, he had to work and asked us to house sit while the carpetman put carpeting in his second bedroom.

These (there are at least two of them) are so cool. If I was one of those "air guitar" guys, I would definitely buy one. Of course, for the "air guitarists", reality has to once again rear its ugly head; one must actually know the chords to the songs they want to "play".

Apparently, today is my day for finding things in France with strange names. We start with L'Ogasme Glace on Paris Through My Lens by my friend Virginia.

If I had not seen this on a French website, I would not have believed it. There is a small town named after me, just 35 km from Chartres and it's famous cathedral.

How many hundreds of people died before the rest of the world "rushed" to the aid of the Libyan rebels?

Bad Choice Logo of the Week: 

All the pictures were taken with my phone and my shaky hands.

Ju dëshironi të skuqura me këtë?

Deri herën tjetër, miqtë e mi.

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