Tuesday, August 13, 2013

True Review

A friend who used to live next door to us at the condo, and his boyfriend, opened a restaurant named Angel's Cafe on the main drag in Wilton Manors.  We finally got around to going on Sunday night.  I had read some reviews of the place and they weren't very good, but we thought they've been open for several months, they must surely have gotten the bugs out by now.  The first thing that strikes you when you enter, is the over-decoration.  A thing for which Alan is infamous.  He can't seem to do anything without going way over the top. and he apparently applied that formula to decorating the cafe.  When we checked the menu, it was mostly chicken dishes with a few steak dishes and one (count it) pasta dish.  Robb opted for the pork chop.  I decided on the only pasta dish.  Robb's opinion of the pork chop was "tough".  My pasta was supposed to be with shrimp and after searching under the pasta, I did find about six.  There was a lot of broccoli on top of the pasta, which was not cooked enough for my liking.  When we called for the reservation, we were told there was to be a "show" at 20h00, so we decided to get there in time for that.  There were only a few tables occupied when we arrived, but as it got closer to showtime, the place started to fill up.  Another unfortunate problem, was that it is right next door to The Village Pub with its loud, thumping bar music.  So when the show finally started about thirty to forty minutes late, there was the too loud show in the cafe and the thumping from the Pub next door.  Not an environment conducive to enjoying a meal.  To make it even worse, they had no espresso machine and the waiter didn't even ask if we wanted dessert.  I considered writing a review but decided against it.  There's nothing I could say that hadn't already been said. 

Dumb Law of the Week: In Oklahoma, it is illegal to hunt whales.
À la prochaine, mes amis.


Lowell said...

This is a pretty good review of a pretty lousy place! I don't think I'd return for seconds!

We had a new Mexican restaurant open in Ocala and the first time we visited, we were treated almost like we were an unwanted intrusion. The food was lackadaisical and not worth eating. We've never been back. Seldom are there any cars in the parking lot so they probably won't last much longer.

Wishing you well!

Peter Olson said...

... at least you have tried it! :-)

Megan said...

Oh, too bad for your friend. Maybe some constructive criticism before the place goes under?