Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Friday we had planned to take the Duck Tour.  Jumped up at the crack of dawn (for me that's about 10h00) only to find another cold, rainy day.  I didn't want to take the chance, so I called and arranged to take the tour tomorrow.  Here's hoping we get a good day!!  For dinner, Robb walked up to the Japanese place which closes around 19h00 during the week, and got some take out to bring back to the apartment.  We'll eat it somewhere around 21h00.  Once again I had no idea what we were eating, but it was really good.  Half of it was very spicy.  I didn't know Japanese food was spicy.  Live and learn!

Saturday we awoke (around 09h45) to a world bathed in sunshine and several degrees warmer.  We called the taxi and asked them to pick us up at noon because we had to get to the Duck Tour pick-up spot at the Museum of Science by 12h30.  We left the apartment, walked up the bazilllion steps to the street around 11h50.  The Green Taxi was already there waiting, and eating his lunch.  It only took about twenty minutes to get to our destination.  There was no trouble checking in using the information I had stored on my Samsung Infuse.  Around 12h45, we boarded our Duck vehicle, which according to our very knowledgeable driver, cost about $385,000.  I guess that makes sense because it is amphibian.  The Duck was roomy and wide open...no windows.  The driver, whose name I cannot remember, kept up a non-stop commentary during the entire hour and a half ride.  We pretty much covered all the main historic sites of the city and a few of the surrounding areas like Cambridge, Back Bay and the North End (also known as Little Italy).  The last portion of the tour was a ride on the Charles River.  I didn't take that many pictures because the shots available to me weren't all that good.  I did get a shot of the Museum of Science from the river and the Longfellow Bridge.  For dinner, Robb walked up to the Greek Corner Restaurant and got the vegetarian take out.  Again it was excellent!

Sunday, 28 July, back to Fort Ladeda.  Our apartment agreement indicated we had to vacate by 11h00, which seemed a bit early to me, but I realize they have to clean the place before the next renter shows up.  We can't complain, it is a really nice apartment in an area that turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting from my Google street tour.  There were a lot of stores and restaurants along Massachusetts Avenue which was only a block away.  Unfortunately for us, our plane doesn't leave until 17h58, which means we'll have to spend six hours at the airport.  That wasn't so bad for me, but Robb would be climbing the walls after an hour or so.  Spirit Airlines refused to accept our bags until 14h40, so we took our baggage cart (for which we had to pay) to the nearest seats and started our long, long wait.  Finally, after three hours, we checked in our bags only to find that they were charging me an extra $25 because one bag was 5 pounds over the limit, so it cost us $115 for our luggage on top of the airfare!.  These are the exact same two bags, with the exact amount of stuff we had when we flew up at no extra charge.  So if you have a choice, and you always will, DO NOT FLY Spirit.

We love Boston.  The apartment was really nice although there were a couple of very minor problems.  There was one major problem.  In order to get to or leave the apartment, we had to climb a bazillion steps down to what would have been the basement in any other house, except, while it was downstairs, it was not under the house..   Most of the buildings in our area looked much the same.

Dumb Law of the Week: In Oxford, Ohio, it is illegal for a woman to disrobe in front of a man's picture. 


Nadege said...

The duck tour truck is pretty cool! I have never been to Boston and New-England. Would love to go someday.
It must feel really nice to come back home to Florida (I have never been there either).
Thanks for the warning! I will never fly Spirit.

Lowell said...

Love the music video! The photos were magnificent and the music warmed my heart!

Te Duck Tour sounds interesting. I was in Boston (on and off) in 1975-76 putting together a youth convention but didn't get a chance to do much sight-seeing.

Flying just isn't much fun anymore! Glad you made it home safely, though.

Re your question: I really don't know. Lois bought a few souvenirs on the Champs-Elysee and I looked at a few things but didn't buy. :)