Friday, February 26, 2010

Restos du Coeur

On the initiative of Peter, I, too, will participate in this chain of solidarity.
This is to help the “Restos du Coeur” (“Restaurants of the Heart”) - founded by the comedian Coluche in 1985 - of which the main activity is to distribute food packages and hot meals, a place to sleep... to the needy (some 800.000 people assisted each year). Sponsored by Carrefour and Danone, and by writing a few words like this, 10 meals will be offered. (You must send a link to:

By suggesting other bloggers to do the same thing, 10 multiplied by... additional meals will be offered. I ask all of you who would like to help, to continue the chain. I suggest also that you all visit this page and this page (in French).
À la prochaine, mes amis

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