Monday, June 02, 2008

Paris 2008 - 1 Juin

Dimanche - We needed a few things from the store today and since it's Sunday, that means we have to walk down to Place Léon Blum. Once we got there, Robb saw the pharmacie was having a sale on Elgydium toothpaste, buy one, get one free. This was not to be passed up. I tried Elgydium several years ago and didn't much care for it, but Robb loves it.

Then it was off to the little store down the street, Cocci Market. We got some stuff, but the main thing we wanted was not to be found.

We took our booty and started back to the apartment, but we came across a boucherie that was selling roasted chicken. We bought one and went home.

Around two-ish, Robb wanted to go to L'Oisive Thé. Going there is a two-bus affair, but nothing difficult....if you pay attention to what you're doing. Today, we did.

The tearoom was semi-crowded, but we found a nice table in the back near a window. We each ordered Le Coque; two soft-boiled eggs with bread and butter. The object is to break open the egg and scoop out the yolk with the bread. I know it doesn't sound all that tasty, but it was. We drank Earl Grey tea. We opted for a gateau citron for dessert.

After a while, Aimee's husband showed up with her son, Max. He's a cute kid. And very lively. He had his father and Aimee chasing after him the whole time he was there.

After leaving the tea room, we wandered around the area a bit. We discovered that the neat red buildling down the street is actually a swimming pool. And there were people in there splashing about. It made me pull my jacket tighter, just thinking of them in that water. Just a couple doors down was another neat looking building.

While we were walking to the bus stop, I snapped a picture of a guy wearing what appears to be the latest style here; skin-tight jeans. This guy didn't seem to have them as tight as most I've seen. They usually look like they were painted on the wearer. I don't know how they get into them. But more and more younger guys are wearing them. A few older guys, too. Trying to remain young, I suppose.

Plus à venir, mes amis.

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