Sunday, June 15, 2008

Paris 2008 - 13 Juin

Vendredi - Today, we did nothing. Robb went to the store, but other than that - nothing.

This evening, though, we went to a concert held at a place called Kiron Espace about two blocks down the street from the apartment. The Aurore Quartet was appearing in concert. And what a fantastic concert it was. They are a hundred times better in person than these videos. There were even a couple of surprise guests, although I'm not certain who they were. The first was a young boy (somewhere between twelve and fifteen) who appeared to be a bit retarded. He attempted a break-dancing routine at which he wasn't very good, but the audience was very generous and applauded him nicely. The second guest was another young person. A female of about the same age category, and we think she was the boy's sister. She however, was greatly talented and played jazz violin backed by the Quartet to very enthusiastic applause. If you somehow have the opportunity to see them in person, I urge you to go. If you like jazz-swing, you will not be disappointed.

There was an amusing incident before the concert. When it was our turn to get our tickets, they had nothing set aside for us. After a little explaining of how we had made the reservation, one of the girls went over to the main desk and found the book into which the information had been written. We got our tickets and stepped to the side, out of the way. Robb tried to take off his jacket and discovered that he had zipped it onto his scarf. We tried and tried to get it out but finally had to tear it out. It's just a little hole. No one will notice. Then they let us into the concert room. It was like a tiny theatre with seats that could have been a little larger, but the view of the "stage" was quite good. The thing I enjoyed most about the place was warm!

After the concert, we walked down to Place Léon Blum to find a place to eat. We considered Le Royal, but ended up at Le Rey again. This time it was quite crowded. A lot of people had come to watch the game on the big screen TVs. Robb started dinner with a HUGE salade of haricot vertes. For our main course, we both had Filet de Canard (duck) with the best-tasting potatoes I've ever had. We drank two pichets of red wine, skipped dessert since we had both eaten too much, and finished with café.

Plus à venir, mes amis.

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