Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paris 2008 - 7 Juin

Samedi - Today, Robb wanted to go to Italie2 to pickup the pants he bought at Jules. After getting his pants, we went down to FNAC where he bought a couple of CDs. The new one by Frances Cabrel and the debut of Renan Luce. We had to ask for the Renan Luce CD because there is nothing on the cover except a tiny picture of him that's almost lost in a burst of feathers.

It was then decided that we would stop somewhere for lunch. Since we haven't been there yet, we walked down to le Canon de Tolbiac, only to find that it is now Chez Canon. Not only was the name changed, but it was given a whole facelift, including the toilet that now has an actual sit-down facility. It's either a modern design, or they forgot the seat. We entered and found a nice seat in the corner by the window, but before we were waited upon, a large group of guys, appearing to be some kind of amateur sports team, entered and surrounded us. We didn't mind that but they were so noisy, we could barely hear ourselves over them, so we moved to a table in a different section. Still by a window.

After lunch, which seems to occur later and later each day, we walked across Avenue d'Italie to Maison de Monde, which used to be Pier Imports. They apparently changed the name and raised their prices. The bus stop was just outside. We caught the 47 to Place d'Italie, where we got the 57, then the 61 home.

Lunch was late and somewhat large, so neither of us felt really hungry, but around ten-ish, we decided to walk down to Place Léon Blum to see what kind of restaurant we could find open. On the way, we saw that a place we've passed many times was open, Beyrouth. It is Lebanese. We walked over, had a look at the posted menu and the interior. It was almost totally full. There were only a couple of tables open. We were shown to a table in the corner and given a menu. I still wasn't hungry and ordered only an appetizer, Jawaneh (it appeared to be chicken wings) which was quite good. Robb order something called Mananek. We're not sure what it was, but it was like tiny little sausages. I don't remember the name of his main course, which was chicken on a skewer with potatoes. We let the waiter/owner choose the wine and he chose well. In the course of ordering, he told us that he had observed us passing by every now and then. How curious. Who remembers people who pass their business? The hit of the evening was the dessert. Chocolat Blanc ice cream. I chose that as soon as it was announced. Robb had asked for a recommendation, and surprisingly, it was the same thing.

Plus à venir, mes amis.

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