Sunday, June 22, 2008

Paris 2008 - Toulouse2

Mardi - After shivering most of the night and getting very little sleep, we discovered much to our dismay, that they are re-doing the entire hotel and workmen began banging and drilling and making other construction-type noises. I dragged myself out of bed and we made our way down to the very nice salon for our petit déjeuner around 10h00.

After breakfast, I grabbed my laptop and went back to the salon to use their WiFi. I had forgotten to pay my credit card bill before we left Paris and it was due today. I charge all my cell phone, TV and internet bills to that card because I get a couple of percent back, and I like that. That was easily accomplished and I returned to the room because I was worn out and my stomach was doing flip-flops. Unfortunately, for me, the noise level was just incredible and I got very little rest.

I really felt poorly and expected to spend my entire birthday in bed.

We had a 19h30 appointment to have drinks at LIF's place and I was seriously thinking of just sending Robb and staying in bed. But when he tried to follow the directions I gave him, they did not bring him to their apartment, so I had to get ready to go with him. Once we got outside, it finally dawned on me that the directions I had given him were not even close to correct. I had forgotten about a couple of extra turns that needed to be made.

LIF and Tonton greeted us warmly and then we were joined by a young lady named Lucy. We drank champagne and ate snacks for an hour or so then went to dinner at Le Colombier. Lucy declined our invitation, and after saying "au revoir" to her, we all walked over to Place Wilson to get a cab to the restaurant.

Dinner was wonderful and quite varied because we all had something different for our main course. But we did all start with the same entrée; chocolate foie gras. I would not have considered ordering that on my own and didn't. but LIF ordered one that we could share because he wanted me to try it. I should have known; it was really, really good.

After dinner, we all walked down to a new gay bar (the name of which I did not get) that had just opened. I guess it was still early, because there were only a handful of guys there. We drank vodka-tonics until Robb announced that he wanted to go home. A taxi was called for us, we bid LIF and Tonton "adieu" and returned to the apartment. As far as I know, they remained there.

Plus à venir, mes amis.

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lost in france said...

Hi Guys! The bar was called the BMachine and we left on foot shortly after you.